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tales from the wilderness
Ah-ah, ah! Ah-ah, ah! We come from the land of the ice and snow From the midnight sun, where th...
Posted on 2018-11-20 by Matthew Homola
You ran cryin to the bedroom I ran off to the bar Another piece of heaven gone to hell The words ...
Posted on 2018-11-05 by Matthew Homola
I am a working man. But I aint worked for a while. Like some old tin can. From the bottom of t...
Posted on 2018-10-17 by Matthew Homola
Smack, crack, bushwhacked Tie another one to the racks, baby Hey kids, rock and roll Nobody tel...
Posted on 2018-09-30 by Matthew Homola
Now maybe I didnt mean to treat you bad But I did it anyway And now maybe Some would say your lif...
Posted on 2018-09-02 by Matthew Homola
Six crows specially trained to pick up cigarette ends and rubbish will be put to work next week at a...
Posted on 2018-08-10 by Matthew Homola
Memory comes when memorys old I am never the first to know Following the stream up North Where...
Posted on 2018-07-31 by Matthew Homola
Tell me what youre feeling I can take the pain Tell me that you mean it That you wont leave again...
Posted on 2018-07-20 by Matthew Homola
So, the other morning; early, less than a mile north of Home Depot on NE 72nd Ave, this deer thingy ...
Posted on 2018-07-18 by Matthew Homola
Youre coming off kinda contrived and pretentious Youre not saying anything we havent heard before ...
Posted on 2018-07-13 by Matthew Homola
  Matthew Homola - ( Somewhere, Blue Yonder )

  Richard Root - ( Milwaukie, Oregon )

  Arty Scheuble - ( Orchards, Washington )

  Don Holmes - ( Salmon Creek, Washington )

  Kevin McClellan - ( Boston Location, Michigan )

  Mark Peabody - ( Port Townsend, WA )

  Duane Foley - ( Kennewick, WA )
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