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tales from the wilderness
If your world comes crashing down; If you need comfort but it cant be found; If youre lonely, you ...
Posted on 2018-02-23 by Matthew Homola
When theres nowhere else to run Is there room for one more son One more son If you can hold on I...
Posted on 2018-02-16 by Matthew Homola
Another head hangs lowly Child is slowly taken And the violence, caused such silence Who are we m...
Posted on 2018-01-17 by Matthew Homola
Just a young gun with a quick fuse I was uptight, wanna let loose I was dreaming of bigger things ...
Posted on 2018-01-16 by Matthew Homola
Hey, tonight Gonna be tonight Dont you know Im flyin Tonight, tonight Hey, come on Gonna chase ...
Posted on 2017-11-08 by Matthew Homola
She was a cool little runt of the litter. Was quite the fighter for being the smallest. Went all ove...
Posted on 2017-11-02 by Matthew Homola
Pat Foley died this morning around 3:30 am. Fly, Fly away. Here is a good song for the time!
Posted on 2017-10-08 by Matthew Homola
Im holdin on a rope Got me ten feet off the ground Im hearing what you say But I just cant make a...
Posted on 2017-09-20 by Matthew Homola
Ha ha, well now! We call this the act of mating But there are several other very important differe...
Posted on 2017-09-04 by Arty Scheuble
Artists, ( Cain and Todd Benson ) painted Duane D Foley in the main hall of Columbia Basin College. ...
Posted on 2017-08-31 by Matthew Homola
  Matthew Homola - ( Vancouver, Washington )

  Duane Foley - ( Lubbock, Texas )

  Arty Scheuble - ( Hockinson, Washington )

  Richard Root - ( Portland, Oregon )

  Kevin McClellan - ( Hancock, Michigan )

  Mark Peabody - ( Port Townsend, WA )
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